Created New Tax Holidays

Voted to improve and expand Florida’s tax holidays to save Floridians an estimated $130 million on necessary products for disaster preparedness and back to school.

Stood Up for the Unborn

HB 265 requires parental consent before a minor is able to receive an abortion. Helped defend the sanctity of life and fought against Planned Parenthood.

Passed E-Verify

Passed E-Verify which requires background checks on new hires in order to ensure that illegal immigrants are not able to take jobs away from Floridians.

Protected the 2nd Amendment in Churches

Fought for each Floridian’s constitutional right to defend themselves by allowing law abiding citizens to carry their firearms into their place of worship.

Protected Free Speech

HB 223 requires that colleges conduct annual assessments of free speech to ensure that the 1st Amendment rights of our students are not infringed upon. 

Fought Against Censorship

Supported Governor DeSantis in the continuous fight against Big Tech company’s various attempts to censor and control the opinions of American citizens.

Fighting Big Tech

Stops social media companies like Facebook and Twitter from censoring conservative viewpoints in the state of Florida. 

Standing Up to Local Government Tyranny

Ensured that local governments were not able to ban cruise ships from their ports. Helped protect our state economy from harmful actions by local governments. 

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